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TDR 911 Laser for S&W Sigma

TDR 911 Laser for S&W  Sigma

The laser unit and components are potted (sealed) for superior water resistance. Laser Life : The laser unit is rubber isolated by 4 neoprene O-rings to reduce shock to the unit. This shock reduction increases the overall life of components. Laser unit life is approximately 2,000 hours. TDR911 laser has both windage & elevation adjustments. The TDR 911 Laser uses a double opposing screw system. The use of this style of adjustment assures that the laser alignment will remain intact for thousands of rounds. Housing Material : The TDR 911 Laser is CNC machined from a block of Delrin plastic. This plastic is extremely strong and durable. This finish blends perfectly to most polymer frames. Laser Size: The standard laser unit is 1.13" wide, .965" tall, & 1.99" long, to maintain a small profile. Accuracy : Once mounted and adjusted the TDR 911 Laser will maintain increadable pinpoint accuracy. Manual Operation : A rocker style switch that is placed at the tip of your index finger is for turning the unit on and off manualy. LEFT SWITCH IN STOCK (1) RIGHT SWITCH IN STOCK (4). Delivery time imediate. FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS CALL US AT 800-321-6354 Part# SL-005s

Laser Switch:
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